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Published on June 16th, 2008 | by Charu Suri


Actress Ashley Judd Has a Thing for the Shakers

Apparently Ashley Judd’s favorite Kentucky place is Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. Who would have thought? She has said “I love Shaker Village’s exquisite peace and beauty. My husband and I try to make it each spring for my birthday, a very special outing we both enjoy.”

Photogs, any chance of you lurking around during spring to catch a glimpse of the Double Jeopardy actress in Shaker Village will cost you $14 admission fee per visit. And that chunk of change can quickly add up into several missed lattes and cappuccinos.

Judd continues: “we have our picture made in the same spots (especially in front of the magnificent Dogwoods in bloom) where my beloved grandparents often posed when they took their annual vacation to Shaker Village; it is a sweet way to connect with both nature and my heritage. Plus, it is essentially a spiritual place, one that is uniquely American.”

This is a lovely sentiment (although, note to Ashley, you can find Dogwoods in virtually every northeastern state). A little background: Shaker Village in Kentucky is the largest restored Shaker community in America and an outdoor museum that gives Colonial Williamsburg a run for its money.

You can stay in period cottages and watch craftsmen make brooms (the Shakers hated germs and hence invented the broom) and also dine at the Inn and sample some of their signature recipes. Courses like the tomato celery soup and Shaker lemon pie that would even make Marie Antoinette take back her famous statement are some of the choices on the menu.

It’s a stone’s throw away from Lexington, KY, so if you’re driving on the Bluegrass Parkway and want to explore the richness of the state, head over to Pleasant Hill and get yourself a diploma in Shaker History. You never know how handy that can come in for cocktail party conversations.

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