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Published on May 9th, 2009 | by Raquel Vincent


Dashing Diva Manhattan Collection Nail polish

From the much loved Dashing Diva salons come their to die for nail colors inspired by the ever fabulous New York City. The Manhattan collection features colors with names inspired by things quintessentially New York — like Water Taxi (a shimmery summer blue), Ballet Flats (think cute tutus and baby pink) and my personal favorite, In a New York Minute (an indescribable cross between red and orange–can’t you feel the energy and zest of the city?).

And these are only five colors: there are over 100 colors in this collection, with cheeky city names like Central Park After Dark, NYPD Blue and East Village. See the complete collection here.

Dashing Diva Ballet Flats

(Ballet Flats)

Dashing Diva Water Taxi

(Water Taxi)

Dashing Diva In a New York Minute

(In a New York Minute)


Dashing Diva

(Dashing Diva)



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3 Responses to Dashing Diva Manhattan Collection Nail polish

  1. eye4style says:

    I love Manhattanite!

  2. Butterflydiary says:

    I totally agree- that’s my fave too!

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