5 Awesome Donald Trump T Shirt Designs

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I have found the funniest and wittiest Donald Trump T Shirt designs on the internet.  I have also designed some of these myself and also with the helps of a few professional designers. Hope you enjoy these Donald Trump T shirts!

We Shall Overcomb – Donald Trump Shirt

Donald Trump T Shirt


If You Build It, They Won’t come – Donald Trump T Shirt

Donald Trump T Shirt

Trump 2016 – Make America Great Again

Donald Trump T Shirt


Here are some Donald Trump Facts!

You have heard about this business tycoon (Donald Trump). Right? Did you know that he is not just a business man? Well, let’s face some fascinating facts about this great entrepreneur;

  • · Donald Trump has never abused drugs. He doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink alcohol or any other drugs. It is surprising that his brother, Fred, was a drug addict and even died from drug addiction.
  • · Donald looks different when he wakes up every morning. He usually blow-dries his hair and combs it backward to achieve his remarkable hairline. If you meet him when he is coming out of bed, you may never know him.
  • · At one time in the 1980’s, Trump insulted a Republican president, the late Ronald Reagan and now Donald is vying for the republication candidate nomination. Amazing!
  • · Donald is nicknamed DJT. Perhaps you have heard about this, but you have been wondering why people refer him to DJT. Is he a music DJ? No. trump’s middle name is John. DJT comes from Donald John Trump.
  • · Donald hates handshakes. You have seen him in meetings. Have you ever seen him shaking hands with other people for long? My guess is no. If you try to shake his hand for more than two seconds, he will pull his off. Oops!
  • · Trump was a troublemaker during his childhood. He used to pick fights with other children, and his behavior was indigestible. However, his parents took him to a military academy in New York where he was taught how to relate to people and behave.
  • · Donald was once bankrupt. This is interesting. How did he manage to move out of poverty? He decided to be provocative and took many risks in businesses and today he is a multi-billionaire. In his life, he has declared bankruptcy four times. Get your Donald Trump Shirt.
  • · Donald was a good footballer. Once in high school, Trump used to play soccer. He was active and energetic, but he used to be an offensive player. He likes sports too much.
  • · Donald Trump doesn’t fear to criticize anyone. He criticized Ronald Reagan. Moreover, he regularly criticizes the administration of President Obama. Recently, he urged Obama to end his term earlier and subscribe to golf courses. Or worse, he believes that Obama is not an American citizen by birth.
  • · Donald Trump owns a palace in Florida named after his name –the Donald Trump Palace. The palace is among the most expensive houses in America. It has a whopping eighteen bedrooms.
  • · Trump owns one of the tallest towers (Trump World Tower) in the world -90 stories tall.

That’s it for my Donald Trump T Shirt Article!

Hope you enjoyed it! Let me know if you have other t shirt suggestions for Donald Trump!

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