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Published on June 14th, 2008 | by Nora Whelan



Kate and Laura Mulleavy of NY-based design label Rodarte are renowned for their “Who cares if it’s wearable?” attitude towards their pieces, which have included shredded chiffons, spider-webbed yarn stockings, and lace strategically-placed to just cover unmentionables (ahem).

Now, they are taking their line a step further with wild footwear by oft-name-dropped shoe king Christian Louboutin. “Loubous” designed for Rodarte have been garnished with seriously sinister-looking spikes of various shapes and sizes, straps galore, pyramid studs and zippers: think of it a game of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Other designers are leaping in on the bandwagon to the promised land, much like the California Gold Rush. Proenza Schouler’s take on the dangerous shoe trend can be seen in the Sex and the City movie, while Jil Sander has busted out some Lego-inspired sandals of her own. Lending a feminine edge to the monster footwear on the runways this season were Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony and Luella Bartley, who showed sweet liberty prints and ladylike frocks. How spicy sweet!

Don’t despair if you can’t shell out the cash for the designer version (and please stop throwing away greenbacks like Brad Pitt). Diane von Furstenberg’s Per Se pump already has the tough part of the look down with architectural angles and a flash of metal in the heel. When paired with a crepe-thin floaty tea dress, the desired effect is more Samantha than Carrie.

Alternately for the flat-partial gals out there, there are plenty of combat and motorcycle boots to go around. The trick is to pump up the hardware on your feet and temper the volume of your dress so that you don’t end up looking like Avril Lavigne on a good day. Go dancing in these spiked wonders at your own risk, and have fun out there: paint your mean streak and watch sparks fly.


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