Awesome Kenny G Shirt Designs that You’ll Want to Buy

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Are you looking for a great Kenny G shirt to show that your a fan?  Look no further! I’ve found some great t-shirts of Kenny G!

Here are the Kenny G Shirt Designs

Kenny G Shirt Design with alto sax

The first design is a two tone black and red Kenny G silhouette with him playing his alto sax and above it says “Aint Nuthing but a G thang”

Here Are Some Interesting Kenny G Facts

Things You Didn’t Know About The Famous Saxophonist Kenny G


Kenny G is a renowned American Saxophonist. Born into a Jewish family, in Washington, Seattle in 1965. as Kenneth Bruce Gorelick Kenny G is by far the biggest selling instrumental musician of our time – his albums have sold in more than 70 million copies. Basically every music lover is aware of his existence and you have probably listened to at least few of his songs at some point of your life, but there are some things about this interesting Individual that are not very well known to the general public and that is exactly what we will be talking about in this article.

• Kenny started playing the saxophone when he was only 10 years old and what inspired him was a performance he heard on then popular “The Ed Sullivan Show”.

• Kenny tried to join his high school’s jazz band and failed – he took private lessons once a week, for a year and, after that, got into the high school band.

He’s a Golfer! Aside from being a jazz saxophonist in high school, Kenny was also an avid golfer. He has been a fan of the sport ever since his childhood and still plays to this day. Apparently, he has a handicap of + 0,6.

• 1990s Blockbuster smash hit The Bodyguard, starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner, heavily features G’s music – he composed and performed the soundtrack.

• Kenny played the longest note on a saxophone ever, in 1997., which earned him a place in The Guinness Book Of World Records – he held a note for 45 minutes and 47 seconds.

• Former president of the United States, Bill Clinton was a big fan of Kenny’s music, so, in the year 2000., he invited G to the White House, to perform for him personally, as well as members of his cabinet.

Kenny G making music with his alto Saxophone• Kenny is incredibly popular in China and Hong Kong, arguably even more so than in America or the Western world in general – ever since 1989. has music has become somewhat of a national soundtrack for the Chinese, since many businesses, shopping malls, supermarkets and train stations all over this country play G’s music regularly.

• Kenny is a certified aircraft pilot and owns a plane that he flies regularly.

• Chairman of the Starbucks coffee house chain Howard Shultz is Kenny’s close friend and Kenny is actually one of few early investors in the world famous coffee house chain.

• Kenny has stated, in numerous interviews, that he enjoys listening to his own music and, as the man behind the sax puts it, “it’s not an ego thing”.

• While pursuing his musical career, Kenny G enrolled at the University of Washington and majored in accounting.

• G was in a funk band called “Cold, Bold and Together”.

• The Famous Saxophonist shared the stage with Frank Sinatra, Whitney Houston, Barbara Streisand and Aretha Franklin, to name a few.

• Aside from being a musician, he is also a radio personality and hosts his own radio show with close friend Sandy Kovach on WLOQ in the city of Orlando.

• Kenny was featured in famous pop singer Katy Perry’s music video for the song “Last Friday Night” – he played “Uncle Kenny”.

Colorful Kenny G Shirt design with saxophone



Thank you for visiting and hopefully you found some sweet designs.  Let me know if you run into any other Kenny G shirts that I should put up here! Thanks!


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