Nomad Two Worlds: Perfume as an Agent of World Change

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Affordable Luxury Nomad Two Worlds Artisanal Perfumes

Published on December 15th, 2013 | by Charu Suri

1 Nomad Two Worlds: Perfume as an Agent of World Change

In many countries, the beauty industry is a driving force behind exports and mass consumption, offering everything from soap to candles. Perfume has long been associated with a certain luxury appeal and quality rather than a charitable endeavor, from Chanel No.5′s days to now.

And so it was always a bit hard for me to equate perfume with transforming travel—that leap was a bit of a stretch, until now. Nomad Two Worlds and well-known perfume house Firmeniche committed to a Clinton Global Initiative to develop perfumes that use rare ingredients from marginalized communities in Haiti, Western Australia and the Amazon.

Nomad Two Worlds Artisanal Perfumes

Wild Fire, which pay homage to Australia ($35); Bijoux Vert, which is a nod to Haiti, once known as the ‘Jewel of the Antilles” ($35); “Citadelle,” a nod to Haiti ($35)

The perfumes, which are quite beautiful and well-composed (the Swiss company Firminiche has given us Calvin Klein’s ck One, Ralph Lauren’s Romance and Lancome’s Miracle), and that is not surprising. But what I loved most of all was the idea behind it all.

Master perfumer Harry Fremont introduced three new fragrances: the “Bijou Vert” and “Citadelle” uses vetiver sourced from Haiti, and proceeds from these will support sustainable agricultural projects with Firmeniche. There is another fragrance that benefits the indigenous people of Tasmania: “Wild Fire” uses Australian sandalwood and essential oils from the island.

I personally love Bijou Vert, which was inspired by Haiti and features Haitian Vetiter, grapefruit, mandarin, geranium, lotus flower, black pepper and cedarwood. It’s a very sophisticated scent that’s strong and full of personality, just like the Haitian people. And the combination in this fragrance makes me think of the days when Haiti was known as the ‘Jewel of the Antilles.’

And in terms of gift giving, it’s ideal for the seasoned traveler, and you know you’re supporting a great cause too. More information at


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