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Reading List Homework on Vacation

For many people, going on vacation without a good book to read just doesn’t feel right. Having the right page-turner can provide the perfect accompaniment to help you relax. A recent survey by teachers revealed their top 100 favorite books. The whole list is here, so with this in mind, it is possible to combine your vacation with the literary magic of your favourite authors in order to create something of the perfect getaway – with a touch of education mixed in? To find out more, read on…

Jane Austen Reading List While on vacation

Chapter One – Bathtime

A trip to Bath is a great way to celebrate the works of Jane Austen, one of England’s greatest authors and writer of classics such as Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice – the book which topped the poll.

Being about hundred miles from London and with a huge selection of scenic and cultural places to see and visit, the ancient City of Bath is unsurprisingly one of the U.K.’s most popular tourist destinations. Besides the numerous museums, galleries and theaters – including the Theater Royal – the city offers a plethora of intriguing tours to discover the place that Jane Austen called home for so many years of her life.  There is a specific Jane Austen Center, home of the permanent exhibition that offers visitors the chance to find out (and read about) Jane Austen’s connection with Bath and how the city influenced her writing.

Chapter 2 – Magical London

Jane Austen Reading List While on vacation

Admittedly, despite her stature as one of Britain’s greatest writers, Austen’s works are not necessarily to everybody’s tastes: for anyone that is interested in something that is a little more fantastical, then perhaps the work of JK Rowling may be more appealing – and she herself admits to being a fan of Jane Austen. As the author of the hugely successful Harry Potter series, Rowling really needs no introduction. Set in a world where the magical community live side-by-side with unsuspecting muggles (non-magical folk, to the uninitiated), the books have gone on to span an equally successful movie series.

The newly opened Warner Bros tour in London offers visitors an excellent opportunity to experience Rowling’s magical world first-hand. London itself plays an important role in the series, with King’s Cross train station being the setting of the infamous 9 ¾ platform – as the starting and end destination platform for return trips to Hogwarts. For those flying in or out of the English capital (by plane, not magical means), then Paddington Station is the ideal method of transfer to London Airport with Heathrow Express. The global appeal of Harry Potter means that people of all ages still get a buzz looking for the secret passageway, be it young children arriving on their first visit to London or even adults taking advantage of London business connections – just be advised that running into pillars in the hope of finding the passageway is necessarily the best of ideas!

Chapter 3 – Over the Page, Over the Pond

F Scott Fitzgerald Jazz Age

Across the pond, in the United States, bibliophiles may be interested in a visit to St. Paul in Minnesota, the birthplace of one of the nation’s greatest writers, F. Scott Fitzgerald. As the author of several novels, including the great Gatsby – probably the most famous and highly acclaimed of his books which is considered to be a literary classic, with the latest cinematic adaptation of the book due out in May 2013 – he and his works regularly feature highly in surveys on great authors and books. The movie could be great – but read the book first!

It is now well over a century since Fitzgerald was born in St. Paul; however, with its vibrancy and eclectic range of things to do, the city reflects slightly the buzz and excitement that set the backdrop for the great Gatsby, in a prosperous and evolving 1920s America. This zest for life that the city has, as well as being the birthplace of one of the world’s greatest ever authors, make it an excellent vacation destination chapter for any literary love with a passion for a good story!


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  1. Charu,
    As a teacher and reader I would love to see the list of 100 books by teachers. Do you have the whole list? Did I miss the link?

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