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Published on June 19th, 2013 | by Charu Suri


At L.A. Burdick, Order Scotch With Your Hot Chocolate

If you request a mocha at L.A. Burdick Chocolate, be prepared to eat it with a spoon. The beverage is so thick and gooey that it’s practically melted chocolate in a cup. But that’s how L.A. Burdick likes to play.

LA Burdick: Where to get the Best Mocha and Hot Chocolate in New York City

The eponymous café in New York City (former home of the city’s beloved restaurant Fleur de Sel) showcases the edible wares gems of Mr. Burdick’s obsession. By combining Swiss recipes with French gastronomy and the creativity of American chocolatiers, L.A. Burdick can surprise by a decadent (and never saccharine) excess. You can get your fix of chocolate mice (which are tres popular) or thimble-sized penguins which boast a heart of dark ganache. You’ll find chocolate bars that range from the plain dark to the texturized nibby variety, and enough rich pastries to make a Parisian lose his or her mind.

But technically, since Mr. Burdick hails from New Hampshire, this wicked chocolate shop is a slice of New England sensibility nestled in the hustle and bustle of New York City.

It is the café in New York City which won my heart: hook, line and sinker. A setting apropos for any romantic movie (every table has fresh sprigs of flowers), the setting offers the standard latte and cappuccino mix along with spirits from scotch to bubbly. It is these thoughtful extras (who hasn’t dreamed about having a chocolate ganache with wine?) that make the place special. It is the first place in New York City that I’ve encountered where I could request scotch, rum or champagne with my craving for ganache. L.A. Burdick also carries some of the best hot chocolate in the city (it’s a denser than cream version of what you may have tried previously, and definitely not as watery as the variety you’d get from say, a Starbucks). The hot chocolate’s attributes is based on its unique blend of shaved chocolate made from Caribbean and South American bean.

LA Burdick: Where to get the Best Mocha and Hot Chocolate in New York City

LA Burdick: Where to get the Best Mocha and Hot Chocolate in New York City

If you’re in a rush, indulge in:

Chocolate Mice: The chocolate mice and penguins are legendary, and each mouse comes with its own swirly silk tail. They come in three flavors: dark chocolate with an orange interior, milk chocolate with a mocha interior and white with a cinnamon interior. Each one has a set of almond ears—what’s not to love?

Bars: The chocolate bars range from the healthy variety to the more naughty kind with cocoa nibs. The bars contain beans hailing from Brazil to Ecuador, and offer a completely smooth, palatable way to enjoy dark chocolate (most have 75% cocoa content). Go, splurge!

Chocolate Dipped Fruit: These are some of my favorite indulgences with a spot of mocha, and it’s a pretense for being a wee bit healthy while in a chocolate store.

Flatiron District Chocolate Shop & Café
5 East 20th Street • New York, NY 10003


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3 Responses to At L.A. Burdick, Order Scotch With Your Hot Chocolate

  1. All I can say is, “Yum!”

  2. Wow! One of the things I sometimes miss when traveling is great chocolate! When I pass by NYC, I’ll make sure to visit this café, it certainly looks like my kind of place! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Stephen says:

    Didn’t know they were in NYC. I try to make a stop at the original location in New Hampshire when I’m up in that neck of the woods. Excellent hot chocolate for sure!

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