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Published on March 4th, 2009 | by Charu Suri


Tom Brady is the face of Coty’s “All American” Stetson

This evening marked the beginning of a new crush. Star NFL QuarterbackTom Brady (who obviously needs no explanation) is the face of the new “All American Stetson,” the new men’s cologne.

(All American Stetson Ad)

Brady has been the ambassador of Stetson for 2 years and his favorite fragrance note is “Black Suede.” He spoke to us via video conference, and I was so pleased to find him jovial, totally down to earth (Giselle hitched a good guy!), and very laid back. “I’m proud of it,” Brady says about the fragrance. “I want everybody to go out and buy this fragrance…and hopefully they can get some dates.”

His top three favorite notes in the cologne are: cedar, musk and Black Suede. “They create a very masculine, sexy scent,” Brady says. “I know it’s going to sell very well.”

There’s also a video game challenge online at where you can virtually challenge Brady in sports like kayaking and snowmobiling. If you win, you can get autographed memorabilia, round trip tickets to a destination, and bottles of the cologne.

Here are a few fun facts we discovered about Brady during the evening:

- Brady loves video games and was a gaming junkie when he was a kid.

- “Sexiness is whether you’re comfortable in your own skin. The sexiest people are always those who are the most confident.”

- He gets many haircuts and likes to keep his nails clean.

- “I always feel great when a woman has bought me a fragrance. It’s safer when a woman goes out and buys a scent for a man.”

- “My father was a Classic Stetson man. For his entire life, he wore Classic Stetson. He was my role model. I follow and live up to those expectations.

- “I’m always shampooing, which I hear is not great for you. I always use body lotion, especially on my hands. As an athlete I’m always protective of my hands. Obviously, I brush my teeth. But my orthodontist wants me to make some improvements on them!”

- When asked where is the sexiest spot on a woman’s body to apply fragrance, he answered “any place where my nose is next to…like the ear.”

- After a date, you want her to be like “Damn he smelled good!”

The fragrance

All American Stetson is an aromatic woody fragrance.

Top: Cedar Leaf, Guava NaturePrint®, Ginger Root

Mid: Black Suede, Sage, Nutmeg, Fern Water

Dry: Amber Wood, Vetiver, Patchouli, Musk

(Our goody bags had the cologne autographed by Brady)

The master perfumer behind these choice, crisp notes is none other than Harry Fremont from Firmeniche, who also developed Ralph Lauren’s “Romance” and “Romance Always Yours”

All American Stetson is amazingly priced from $14.50 – $26. Now THAT’s an All American cologne.


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  1. Oh him is yummy! :D

    Funny but I never like the unshaved look in person but it works in pics.

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