Travel Travel Blogger Spotlight Series: Ted Nelson from Traveling Ted

Published on August 1st, 2011 | by Charu Suri


Travel Blogger Spotlight Series: A Moment with Ted Nelson from “Traveling Ted”

Welcome to my new Manic Monday series: a series of questions to help us become  acquainted with the people I think 
rock the travel world: travel bloggers! The first brave participant in this series is Ted Nelson, who writes and runs the inspired 
nature travel blog Traveling Ted. Here's his skinny on things, travel and life in general. 

Travel Blogger Spotlight Series: Ted Nelson from Traveling Ted

Ted Nelson on a backpacking trip in the Black Hills of South Dakota


1. What inspired you to start a travel blog?


Traveling Ted: During a three month trip in Southeast Asia I started emailing friends and family back home about my adventures. I got many compliments for my narrative and soon had many people addicted to my tales. I enjoyed having people read my stories, so I decided I needed a website where I could share my trips with a larger audience.


2. Who are some of your biggest travel influences?


My dad is number one as he installed a spirit of adventure in me by taking me on many camping, canoeing, skiing, and hiking trips when I was young. Paul Theroux is my favorite travel writer. I love how fearless he is on his travels, and I also enjoy his sardonic humor in his writing style.


3. Do you take your own pictures? Do you consider yourself handy with a camera?


I take all of my own pictures. I get many compliments on my photography skills; however, I mostly use a digital camera and just point in click. I believe I have a good eye for what is a good picture, but I do not consider myself a photographer. I also work hard to get to beautiful places. It is easy to take beautiful pictures of beautiful places, but sometimes it is not so easy to get to these places. I backpack and canoe to remote places where many lack the ambition and the fortitude to get to.


4. If you had the chance to meet one travel guru (dead or alive) who would it be and why?


I would like to meet Marco Polo and hang out with him at a swimming pool. It would be cool to play the game "Marco Polo" with Marco Polo.


5. Desert Island Questions: three things you'd take with you on a week-long desert island trip?


1. Fanny Pack – I have a new one, which will be the source of an upcoming post.

2. The book Surviving Paradise by Peter Rudiak-Gould. I like to read books while traveling that pertain to the place I am visiting. Surviving Paradise is a hilarious account of an English teacher on a remote Marshall Island teaching a bunch of unruly islanders. Fantastic book.

3. Some type of flotation device – Never know when that Desert Island goes underwater due to climate change.


6. If money were no object, what would you be doing now?


I would like to hike some of America's longest trails. The Appalachian immediately comes to mind, but the Pacific Crest would be awesome as would the Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin and the Florida Trail.


Thanks for the answers, Ted! If you’re a travel blogger and would like to be featured in the series, just drop me a line at Charu AT Butterflydiary DOT COM.




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14 Responses to Travel Blogger Spotlight Series: A Moment with Ted Nelson from “Traveling Ted”

  1. Thanks Charu for featuring me, and I am honored not only to be on this beautiful website, but to be the first in this cool series. Look forward to reading about a new blogger each week.

    • Charu Suri says:

      It was a real pleasure! What a great spirit of adventure you have. I’m so looking forward to this series so thanks for being the “blogger that launched a thousand posts.”

  2. Awesome interview with an awesome guy!!!  I love that you rock the fanny pack!  :)

  3. Ted and his fanny pack!  For an outdoors guy, I give him a pass on that because it can be extremely useful.  For all other travelers out there – don't do it!  There are commercials out there making fun of guys with fanny packs!
    Love reading Ted's stuff and following along on his adventures!

    • Charu Suri says:

      It’s funny you mention the fanny pack because I was recently in Vail and saw a dog with a fanny pack and took a picture because it reminded me of Ted. He’s branded himself well!

  4. Ted's blog is one of my favorites that I've discovered since I started my own blog & he's really a friendly & supportive travel blog community member.  It's great to see him featured with an interview on your blog.

  5. Strange to read that he is not professional photographer. His photos are quite good, with good focus and object mapping.

  6. Thank you for the compliment Marmaras,
    I have been taking photographs since I started adventure traveling 30 years ago. I guess you do something long enough it is only natural to improve. I just recently put a bunch of really old photos of mine from over twenty years ago on disc. They are horrid. The mistakes range from being out of focus, some have no real subject and are pointless, and bad lighting to name just a few of the errors.

  7. Dave Rutter says:

    Ted's a great blogger and tweeter – always something interesting to read. I'm a huge Paul Theroux fan too, so it's great to hear someone else is too.
    Not sure about the fanny pack though…

  8. What a great interview Charu and Ted!!  And, I am relieved you put the fanny pack as your #1 travel essential…made me chuckle and think back to your article!!  

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