Butterfly Diary

Places to Visit

The world came to a standstill in 2020. Vacations and events were canceled, and people were ordered to stay home. We hope 2021 will be different and you will be able to travel again. If you want to travel in 2020, these are the top places you should visit.

Galway, Ireland

In 2020, Galway was named the Best City in Europe in terms of culture. Galway is an Irish city near the West coast of Ireland. It is a lovely site home to many cultural activities, such as literature, theater, and music.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This is a city in the desert that has some of the tallest buildings in the world and sprawling malls. Besides, the city hosts several World expo events. It has also implemented some of the most famous sustainability development projects. Dubai is also home to some of the cheapest residential areas in the world.

British Virgin Islands

A devastating hurricane ravaged the British Virgin Islands in 2017,  but it has since rebounded, and it will be open in 2021. It is time to enjoy the Blue Waters of the Caribbean and the perfect sun-soaked beach. The islands are sandwiched between excellent green mountains and crystal clear blue waters.

2020 Must Check Destinations



United States
Yosemite, CA